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The Butterfly Support

Butterfly's go everywhere . . .

[_private/navigate.htm] Ideal for all ages, the Butterfly Support, patent pending, fits behind the head and neck to position and support infants, children and adults. Ideal for anyone who:
  • travels
  • reads in bed
  • naps on the couch
  • enjoys a good soak in
    the tub or hot tub
As a small lumbar support, the butterfly supports the spine without applying pressure. Used by adults and children of all ages to promote midline (straight up and down) centering. Used in hospitals.
  • Seated, reclined or sleeping.
  • Alone or with another pillow
  • Wet or dry. Great wet on a hot day at the beach.
  • Right side up, sideways, upside down or anywhere in between.
right side up Right Side Up: head, neck, lumbar support.
Sideways: reduces pressure
on the ear and face.
sideways Upside Down: in the bath, the small head piece cushions the neck from the tub;
or turn the head under for increased neck support when seated or sleeping.

upside down

Wonderful for a new family:  Use the Butterfly to position an infant for feeding, bathing or playing. Cradles and supports the head and upper body. Makes mom or dad more comfortable so they can relax while tending to a baby's needs.

Infant:   Use to position and hold the infant for a variety of nursing or feeding positions. Positions the infant very well when mother is lying on her side to nurse. Helps reduce fatigue in premature infants.
Mother:  Ideal for sitting, reclining or lying down. Use behind the head and neck or in the small of the back. Use to support head and neck when sleeping on side or back. Use between the knees, for comfort, when sleeping on side.

nursing infant in football hold

Fathers, Siblings and Grandparents:  Use the Butterfly to position and support the infants head and upper body while holding. 
toddler with butterfly in stroller For infants and toddlers, the Butterfly Support positions the upper body, head and neck.

Ideal for swings and strollers, etc.

Use on a change table or in a bath.

Butterfly Support and Premature Infants

The Butterfly Support, patent pending is used in NICU's and Special Care Nurseries for midline head centering and flexion.

Support and position the infant's head and upper body for partial side lying and supine. Use with ventilated or non ventilated infants.

Head Preference:   a common problem with premature infants. They are often facing to the right. Head preference is reinforced due to prolonged stays in the NICU where the majority or caregivers are right handed and right side lying is often the preferred position in isolettes.
  • The Butterfly makes it easier to rotate and position the infant for supine or partial side lying.

Torticollis:  positional or congenital muscular torticollis where the infant has a strong lateral pull with rotation towards the affected side.

ventilated premie Fig11

non-ventilated premieFig5.

  • Use the Butterfly to promote midline centering.
Premie on side with Butterfly Fig8 VP Shunt for Hydrocephalus:  where the infant tends to turn away from the shunt side.
  • Use the Butterfly to
    create a balance for
    supine positioning.
Plagiocephaly:   flattening of one side of the skull due to persistent pressure.
  • The Butterfly makes it easy to vary the infant's position to help prevent plagiocephaly.
Reducing hyperextension Fig6. Head and Neck Hyperextension:  This hyperextension is often seen in babies with Bronchopulmonary Dysplasia.
  • Use the Butterfly to inhibit the hyperextension and promote elongation of neck extension in supine position. The support helps raise the back of the head and create a good chin tuck.

ATNR (Asymmetrical Tonic Neck Reflex):  in neurologically impaired babies with whom the reflex is strong and obligatory.

  • Use of the Butterfly will help inhibit the ATNR and promote midline of the head and upper extremities.
Premie learning to nurse Nippling:   at about 34 weeks, when the infant begins to show signs of readiness to nipple feed.
  • Use the Butterfly to position and hold the infant as they learn to suck.
  • Use to position the infant for breast or bottle feeding.
Neonatal Follow-Up:   where the infants return to the hospital for follow-up assessment, especially at 6 weeks corrected age.
  • Use the Butterfly to position the infant to enhance tone and promote midline during the assessment.
  • Often recommended to parents as a support for home use.
Premature Infants at Home:  The Butterfly can be used by parents to promote midline centering of the head and upper body. Use for partial side lying and supine positioning when the infant is awake and under supervision. Use in swings and strollers when the infant is reclined. Use as a support for bathing the infant. Not intended for sleeping. Check with your healthcare provider for recommended position for sleeping.